no more food

I’m finally home from a wonderfully long weekend (for me anyway). Basically, these past few days have been grubs-ville for me and my cousins. The LA County fair was awesome as always, the weather wasn’t too scorching. I realized that this fair is about 10 times bigger and better than the OC Fair. We’re probably going back again next weekend, but then again I’ve also been wanting to visit the Griffith Observatory for some major astronomy (not astrology, haha! I’m retarded) and the great view of L.A. at night time. I haven’t been up there since I was a little girl so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Today was my Auntie Jean’s birthday and my cousin Ted decided to treat us all to a generous dinner buffet at the Universal Hilton Hotel. The food was great but it honestly was not worth $50 to me at all. The only thing I was lovin’ on at this place were the ribs (of course) and the chocolate fondue fountain that I wish I could swim in. If I could make a list of exactly what I ate this entire weekend, you and I both would probably go into complete shock. So I’m going to try to shake off this weekend’s food binge, get some rest, and hopefully feel a little better tomorrow when I’m at work and not eating.


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