come back Dr. E

Lately Pudge has been using his “there’s-a-stranger-in-the-house” bark a lot more than he usually does and it always startles me. Even if it’s just my grampa knocking on my door, he jumps at the chance for a deep voiced bark and I have no idea why. He never use to but now he barks at the sound of the lawnmower and the sound of cars passing by outside. My baby baffles me, the little weirdo. At least I know he’s trying to keep our family alert and safe.

Nothing new to blog about except that work was extra busy this week, but at least it gives me plenty of stuff to do. I’m already getting the hang of almost every single task except developing the x-ray film, I still need more practice with that. Dr. E is coming back next Monday (thank goodness) so all of us at work is doing extra cleaning and restocking for his sake. All of our clients are anticipating his arrival back at the clinic because “Dr. Evans knows my dog very well. I’ve been going to him for 25 years so I prefer to see only him” line has been going through the phone and into my ear about a thousand times this past month. I think i’m just about ready to retire the phrase now.

Franco is coming to my area tonight so we can go on a date to eat dinner together. It’s another excuse to get dressed and look nice because I never have time to put on makeup and do my hair before work anymore. Don’t worry, I don’t look like a huge mess when I’m at work, just really really young.


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