my saturday

Good morning blogger world. I woke up to a gloomy Sunday morning but I’m glad that the weather is changing. Today I’m planning on going to the Thai Cultural Festival on Hollywood Blvd (Thai Town). That’s right, despite the low population of my people in California, we still have our own little town. I can’t wait to eat there :]

Yesterday me, Franco, my sister, and her friends wanted to go to the Glasshouse for a clothing sale. It was my first time at one of these sales and I actually really enjoyed it. Most t-shirts were $10-$15 but I only took advantage of it by buying one shirt from [ASC.] since they had the cutest pick of designs. On a last minute brink we all decided to go to Old Town Pasadena, one of my favorite shopping places. We didn’t stay too long because nobody had money to spend, plus we were starving we so headed back home for some cheap food. We watched “My Best Friend’s Girl” only because Franco had free tickets to blow :] The movie was actually pretty good mostly because I think in a weird twisted rugged and perverted way, Dane Cook is really handsome. Heh.

Franco’s birthday is coming up and I already know exactly what to get him and apparently, he knows too. It was my fault that I blew the secret but I’m actually glad he knows because I was seriously stressing over whether he would love it or hate it. I hardly doubt that he would hate it so I guess it’s all a matter of him using it to it’s full capacity, which he says he definitely will. Needless to say, I’m planning on driving my butt all the to Victoria Gardens sometime next week to pick up the iTouch (16gb) for 10% off. That’s $30 off! (Thanks, Abel. This guy always has a way of hooking us up)

Next stop, Thai town!


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