After working at the pet clinic for a while I start imagining that certain foods smell somewhat like the stuff I smell at work everyday. I don’t know it but I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume this happens to people who’s workplace has plenty of distinct smells, especially in the medical field. Don’t worry, this little problem doesn’t really affect my appetite. I usually take a whiff of what I’m eating and think, “Hey, I think I smelled this while I was holding down that Chow Chow earlier,” and continue my lunch. Not a big deal. Work was not as busy as me and Lily expected, especially with Dr. E back, we were anticipating the worse but fortunately it didn’t happen. I asked Dr. E for a week off in October for a Jewelry Convention in Miami; he was very nice about it and told me it wasn’t a problem at all. He also offered to buy me some scrubs, gotta love him.

Today my parents finally called from Thailand to check up on me and my sister. They didn’t even bother to call 2 weeks ago when they first arrived in Bangkok, instead they choose to call 4 days before they come home, weirdos. Honestly, I could definitely use a couple more days of parental freedom but it does not mean that I don’t miss them.

The Big Bang Theory season premier was on CBS tonight and it was great! I almost forgot how much I’ve missed watching this show on my Zune; but now I get to watch it on my DVR anytime I want to! Awesome.


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