Here I am sitting in Silverlink cursing to myself about the free Wi-Fi Cerritos Mall provides us with. The only reason I’m fussing is because Myspace is blocked, blogger thinks my blog is a spammer and they haven’t yet gotten the chance to review it before it automatically deletes itself in 20 days. Maybe I should’ve stuck with Xanga or Live Journal. Or maybe I could possibly be pessimistic about being here in the first place which gives me a perfectly good reason to complain about the insignificant dilemmas in my life. No more complaining, Vicky.

After a few months of swearing off Cinnabon, I didn’t think I’d ever cave in but today I’ve failed horribly. I hardly think a Mini Cinnabon is going to kill me, since it’s half the size of a regular one, right? It was pretty darn satisfying too. Just wait until I get to Max’s Manila tonight for some Dinuguan and Halo Halo, I’m really hoping they have Puto to go with that Dinuguan. Thank you for driving to see me tonight babe, I know it’s mostly because you want your iPod Touch already. Asshole.

Tomorrow I need to drive to Garden Grove to my school (PVAS) to turn in my application. I’m also required to take an entrance exam to enter the Vet Assistant Program and if I should fail that I’m going to be very disappointed. So wish me luck!

But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for. –Paulo Coelho


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