for a pessimist i’m pretty optimistic

Well, I’m not really pessimistic, but that’s a great song. Good morning everyone. So far, the day hasn’t exactly been going great for me because:

1. I’ve been sneezing from the minute I woke up and I haven’t stopped since. My allergies are obviously back.

2. I’m having one of those days where none of my clothes look good on me.

3. I’m at Cerritos Mall, how great can that be? I’d rather be at the vet even if I have to put up with Mrs. E reminding me about everything I already know. Gotta love her.

4. I just received news from my auntie Jean that my parents will not be coming back tonight because their flight was delayed by a couple hours in Bangkok.

5. That exam I took yesterday has been nagging my conscience all night and day. Nevertheless, I will remain optimistic about the situation, whatever it may be.

6. Did I mention how much the insides of my nostrils itch from the allergies?

On the other hand, there are a couple of things I should be excited about…

1. I’m going to Brea after work to visit my little monster, Riley. I’m already groveling from not be able to see him for a whole week.

2. With my parents’ flight being delayed, I have extra time to clean the house tonight.

3. Wicked next Friday!

4. Franco’s Birthday next weekend. He’s getting so old!

5. Last but not least, I opened the door this morning to a package of complimentary Godiva chocolates sent to my mom. She doesn’t enjoy eating chocolate so I’m going to devour the box with absolutely no guilt today. I think I deserve it, just this once.

If blogspot should ever delete me from being the “spam” that I am, I’ll most likely move my blogging to WordPress (as suggested by my cousin, Desi a.k.a Mr. Google/Mr. Gizmodo). If that should happen, I’ll give everyone the heads up as to what my new link will be. Thanks for reading!


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