retail therapy

Hey guys! I’m starting to get the hang of using WordPress with all it’s nifty features that Blogspot never had. On top of that I’m feeling more confident about blogging every single day again (possibly even more, but don’t count on it too much), it probably sounds pretty creepy how much I’m into this but I won’t take it offensively if you think so. Haha! Today I woke up early and actually cleaned the hallway in front of my room because there were dozens of cups and bottled water compiled there for about a month already. My sister was starting to get the spending urge again so we ended up shopping at Brea Mall for about two hours. Hmm, I wonder if shopping endorphins exist because if they do, I probably get it every time I pull out my wallet :] For lunch, we went close to home for Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu, everyone who knows us knows that the restaurant is mine and my sister’s sacred eating place. If we ever went a week without a taste of ponzu sauce, who knows what would happen?

Home is where the heart is, home is also where we dye our hair and always manage to stain the granite counter with smears of brown or red. Because of me, my sister’s hair is now more of a hot red color today than she had before. Her red head is so intense that it causes her schoolmates to rename her from Pauline to “Little Mermaid.” Cute.

I’m getting an early sleep today because I’m the only assistant Dr. has scheduled to work in the morning and that means I need the strength to cover receptionist and assisting him. Thank goodness Lily didn’t schedule any surgeries for Monday’s and Tuesday this coming month or I’d be one big wreck. On the plus side, I get to wear my new dog print scrubs! See you tomorrow.


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