Today consisted of:

1. My first experience of a dog in seizure. It was sad because the owner felt like she had no choice but to put her dog down for financial problems.

2. Having a Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell all alone. I used eight packets of hot sauce for just that one Crunchwrap, it’s insane how much condiments I use for food.

3. Going to Target to kill an hour of lunch left and ending up buying a bag of Kit Kat Bars, Andes Chocolate Mints, and two $1 stuffed monster toys for Riley (which he threw at the floor the minute I gave it to him).

4. Receiving a responsiblity at work I never thought I would get this soon. You probably don’t understand how great I felt when he handed me a key to the clinic this afternoon. “This is your copy, now don’t lose it dear,” is what he said but the subliminal message I heard was, “I trust you.”

I’m happy and tired at the same time. Tomorrow is Pudge’s grooming appointment at Petsmart and I hope that goes well. His fur is going nuts and he’s shedding all over my sheets so me and my mom figured that it’s time for them to chop it all off again. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow to show you how funny he looks with short hair, it’s hilarious. Hah


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