The Doctor suggested I take home some tranquilizers to relax Pudge. Don’t worry it’s for a good reason, Pudge refuses for anyone to clip his nails. When I took him to the groomer yesterday I expected to pick up a short-nailed Pudge but instead I got a, “He was really stressed about getting his nails trimmed so we only did a couple.” Darn. If those tranquilizers end up not having a useful effect on his nail clip phobia, my last resort would be to put him under anesthesia which would be a really big hassle for such a small thing. Maybe I’ll take advantage of the free dental at work just so I could clip his nails. Hmm, any other suggestions?

Shoutout: Happy 19th Birthday Mek Pek! You’re going to be 20 in a year so brace yourself! Look on the bright side, tomorrow it’s time for Wicked!


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