Wicked III

Last night I saw Wicked for the third time, it doesn’t make me insane just slightly obsessed. Glinda and Elphaba were played by the same actresses as the last time I went and it still gave me chills to hear them again. If I could go just one more time before December, I would be so grateful. I think that would be asking for way too much though, heh. I’m really happy that Jemimah loved it and I’m glad I was the one that could share this wonderful experience with her on her birthday. So last night I drove home in a frenzy, snatched my PVAS envelope from the kitchen counter and opened it. The suspense has been killing me for 3 days, I was already prepared for the worst. “Dear Victoria,” I quickly read, “Congratulations! This letter is to inform you that you have been accepted to the Veterinary Assistant Program for the class beginning on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.” Holy crap. Thirty places and I was chosen to be one of them, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and happiness. My math and verbal skills scores were way above average, but on my Veterinary information test I recieved a 73%. Not too bad but I felt like I could’ve done a lot better. I guess working in a hospital actually did some good for me on this exam.

Today is Franco’s 25th Birthday! We were planning on going to Benihanas or Medieval Times but he decided on Korean BBQ instead. Since it’s his birthday today, I graciously let him choose whatever place he wants to eat at. The other 364 days is my choice of course, haha! I better go get ready now. I could possibly put in some more blogging later so check back!


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