For a while now my dad has been offering to buy me a GPS for my car and I haven’t really considered it to be completely necessary because I’m pretty good at finding my own way around no matter where I go. As surprising as this may seem, I’m actually good at remembering and guessing driving directions. This morning I walked into his bedroom to show him my PVAS acceptance letter and he was pretty pleased. After that he handed me a Garmin Nuvi 255w box. “For me?” I asked excitedly. “Well, it’s for Miami so we won’t get lost at the jewelry show but you can use it if you want to,” was my dad’s sarcastic answer. This was a very unexpected and early birthday present but I know my parents are just looking out for me, thanks Mommy & Daddy.

So last night I was driving home on the 60 and a huge peice of rubber from a torn tire came flying at my car. It was pretty gnarly when I had to run right over it but I had no idea it did some damage to my bumper until today. The tire marks stained my bumper and also slightly damaged it but don’t worry, it’s nothing too bad. I’m just glad there was no accident and swerving involved.


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  1. This is the second Garmin I purchased. I was pretty pleased with the ease of use and the accuracy of the directions. I really like the features, and the automatic change from day to night vision. I bought the second one for my husband since we’re are moving to a new area and will be driving separately for our jobs.

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