I’ve officially become a victim of the leather trend this month. Although all three of us were arguing the entire time about boots, shopping at Montebello with my sister and my mom today was actually fun. Franco has been looking for a good flannel for a while now and I finally found a good one for him at Boarders. It was pretty expensive but he’ll eventually find a way to thank me for it, or i’ll just force it out of him. Haha!

Unfortunately, my cousins are having a bit of a personal crisis so it’s nothing for me to blog about. I just want to let them know that I’ll always try to help them out as much as I can to make their life a little easier and run a little smoother. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them because they’ve always treated me as if I were their child (as odd as that sounds, it’s completely and utterly true). I already know everything is going to be fine and we’ll all eventually get use to the change. Just remember I’m always on call for you guys, my priority line. Love you.

Well, I thought I’d share with you some stuff that I bought today because I obviously have no other interesting pictures to post. Just try to enjoy it, okay?!


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