greetings from Miami

Hi everyone! It is currently 11AM here at Miami, Florida (which makes it 3 hours ahead from LA). Although I took two Dramamines and also slept the entire 5 hours, the plane ride here was brutal. Every half hour I would wake up to vomit in the paper bag and then continue my sleep afterwards. Throwing up on an empty stomach doesn’t feel so hot because all that came out was mostly stomach acid and the sour patch watermelon gummies I had. Haha! Once we landed I felt 100% better, thank goodness. The weather here is perfect, it’s not as humid as aniticipated and it’s definitely not as hot as Thailand too. I’ve also noticed an abundance of immigrant Carribean (Jamaican/Haitian) people here, some are really welcoming and some aren’t so friendly. I took a couple pictures of the wonderful view from my hotel room and I’ll be posting them up soon!

Last night I didn’t get a decent amount of sleep because my cousin Ted snores as loud as a train so today I demanded that we stop at Walgreens to purchase some ear plugs. I also had thought that the bathroom light was possessed and automatically turned on twice in the middle of the night so I was forced to get up and shut them off (and if you know me well enough you would know that I can’t sleep a wink if a light is on). It turns out Ted got up twice to take piss and decided to leave them on (wtf?). I don’t think I can go another night with all that shenanigans, I need me a good blindfold and some noise cancelling ear plugs.

Time to set up the booth for the Jewelry show! I’ll be seeing you later folks.


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