Downtown Miami

Hey everyone! It’s 9PM here at Florida and here are some things I’ve notice about it since I’ve been here:

1. There is an abundance of Caribbean people with cute accents. Most of these people are nice but they just have a very extroverted way of showing it.

2. The water here is slightly yellow every where (toilet bowls, sink water, bath water) excluding the the drinking water, which in our case, is preferably bottled. I’m not exactly sure what the reason is for the slightly pale yellow color but I’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s dirty.

3. People here are actually concerned and aware of gang robberies especially at places near the convention center. For this reason, there are always police on each street we pass.

4. In every public bathroom I’ve been in I’ve noticed a lack of toilet seat liners. My cousin tells me that It’s probably all in my head because they do provide it in the men’s restrooms.

5. The streets here are much more difficult to figure out than it would be to figure out directions at home. It’s not because we’re not familiar with the area, but even my navigation has gone haywire a few times already (for that matter, we would have probably ended up in New York without the navi) . Poor Samantha.

6. People my age are non-existent in this city, I haven’t seen a group of people younger than twenty-five hanging out anywhere! Miami is probably more of a retirement area, do you think so?

Today was the second day of the jewelry show and I can honestly say I sleep so much better at night because I’m extra exhausted. Dealing with difficult customers, non-stop pricing, and answering stupid questions can really drain me. The good new is that we’re attracting a lot of new clients and promoting my dad’s company website so if my dad is happy then I am.

Overall, I’m enjoying the environment here and I’m absolutely lovin’ on the unfamiliar places and views I see each day. I just wish I had a lot more time and energy to sight see and soak it all in. So, I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby taking advantage of the free wi-fi because they don’t provide it upstairs. Poop. Goodnight!


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