mother dear

It was hot today, real hot. My mom has been stressed out about her employee’s death and as a result she hasn’t had enough sleep for the past week. I’ve also learned that my mom also gets stressed whenever my dad goes out of town leaving her with the responsibility of the business. I know she doesn’t have to do much to maintain everything in it’s rightful order because she has my cousin at her side every day (and for that I’m very grateful). Unexpectedly, this morning she woke up and asked me to take her to the doctor. The symptoms she was having earlier have occured numerous times before so I’m just a little worried it might get worse in the future. Today I’m just trying to help my mom as much as I can to help relieve her stress level and comfort. The Doctor prescribed her some relaxers and meds for the prevention of dizzyness, I hope those will help her. Every time my dad goes out of town I set aside a little space to sleep in her room so she doesn’t feel so lonely and has someone to talk to. Poor mommy.


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