Time went by fast while I was working at Santa Anita yesterday and I owe it all to my newest deep obsession: Twilight. My real obsession is with a character named Edward Cullen, an intriguing, mysterious, and heart-melting vampire. The author somehow draws me into him, making me want him as much as the girl in the book. It’s a weird feeling but somehow his actions in the book are as if he was doing to me too, as if I was the victim. The 500 page book was a little discouraging at first, but in one day, I sped through almost half of it already. As my cousin Desi said, “You’re one of them now. They’ve got you.” Haha! The Twilight movie is coming out November 21st and for the first time I’ve decided that I need to go see it the opening night and not a day later.

Priscilla’s Birthday/Costume Party was today so I dressed up and stopped by for a few hours to drop off her gift. I didn’t stay as long as I wanted but with my mom being worried and sick at the same time, I couldn’t leave her hanging. I hope Pris is having fun right now. Goodnight.


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  1. I’m so glad you LOVE the book .. I have the second book (a new moon) ready for you!!! I read the second one in one day. I’m sooo excited for you!! and I bet you – I BET YOU that single white female will go out and get the book and read it and comment/blog about it .. you should know who im talking about that damn Psycho..ok i talk to you later… TEAM CULLEN!!!! I’m so gay I know.

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