I am so burned out and the week hasn’t even ended yet. I started school yesterday, I’m still kind of on the fence about how I feel on driving so far out to the new location of my school. Foothill Ranch hardly seemed like a long drive last week for the meeting, but driving to and from 2 days in row for actual class is more of a drag that I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about being accepted into this program and receiving the privilege not everyone can have, I just need a few more weeks of getting use to the overwhelming drive home late at night. Paying a toll of $2.50 both ways isn’t a picnic either. I just seem to be looking so negatively towards my new schedule and unfamiliar circumstances :[

So, I’ve already finished the first Twilight book and already have started on the second one. Reading the contents of New Moon is a little disappointing and very heartbreaking because Edward suddenly leaves. That was a spoiler, sorry for those of you who haven’t read it, heh. My cousin says it gets better so I should just suck it up, stop moping about him, and continue reading. It’s so insane how in love I am with this non-existent character, I’m a crazy little girl. On the plus side, Paramore’s Decode music video for Twilight premieres on Monday so I’m going to keep my eyes and ears peeled for that.

Today my eyes are hurting from wearing my contacts for over 12 hours, I know I’m not suppose to wear them for more than six to eight, but I have shiteous glasses that I strictly forbid myself to wear out in public. That is why I decided, at the last minute, to buy a new pair today. Basically, on a whim of self conciousness but also a healthier alternative for my eyes, I will be blowing $200 for a pair of Calvin Klein glasses.

Can you tell this hasn’t exactly been my week? Don’t worry, I’ll perk up because it’s almost the weekend and Buddha knows I could use some rest. I better get to bed for work tomorrow. Goodnight ya’ll.


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