i’m so dizzy

This morning I woke up feeling dizzy and a little off balance while I got up to walk towards the bathroom. Out of nowhere, I threw up a small amount of yellowish stomach acid in the toilet bowl in front of me. Ugh, I definitely didn’t see that coming. My dizzyness was pretty bearable driving here to Cerritos, I wasn’t feeling completely sick until now. There is nothing I can do anyway because nobody can come in at the last minute to work my shift so I’m stuck here until 4PM. On top of that, I’m currently wishing that I had access to a sterilized thermometer because I’m starting to feel as if my temperature is shooting up. As a last resort I called my mom and she forced me to ask around for some meds even if she knows that I don’t like asking people for stuff. I know, I sound like such a big baby complaining to my mom but my she’s basically my own personal doctor and she always manages to make me feel better. I wish I could be home this instant, laying on my bed, sipping on some hot chocolate while watching T.V.

Someone come work for me!


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