better now

Hey everyone. The rain added a nice dramatic twist to our usual hot weather today, don’t you think? The good news is that I’m feeling 100% better from yesterday. Yesterday I ran up a pretty random fever and contracted an odd sickness that didn’t last very long. I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t get to take Riley trick-or-treating for the second year, I’m pretty bummed out about that. This morning, I vegetated in bed for a few hours until my mom called at 2′ o’clock to pick her up from a nearby hair salon and my relaxation ended there. Me and my sister stopped at Walmart because I needed to pick up some color pencils for my vet anatomy coloring book, fun. I ended up buying a box of Milkbones and a red harness for Pudge (because he always chokes himself whenever I walk him with just his collar on).

Well, there isn’t much else to blog about so I’m going to continue reading New Moon. I don’t have the motivation to quickly go through this book because there is no Edward at the moment, but I’ll continue until I reach him again. Haha! See you later.


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