busy week

Hey blogger world! Sorry to have abandoned you for three whole days, but I’ve been a busy little girl. I worked myself to the bone this week, on top of that I had 7 hours of class (within 2 days). Lucky for me, It’s Friday and somehow I have survived! I’m quite pleased at how much I’ve accomplished this week, juggling work and school to it’s greatest perfection. Last Sunday night, I was starting to get discouraged just thinking about the increased number of hours I would be working this week plus driving a long way to school afterward for two days in a row. It didn’t turn out as bad as I made it out to be in my head (like always) but I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I guess you can say I appreciate the weekend more when so many things are thrown at me in one week. I know that I have so much more to blog about but my brain is literally scrambled at the moment from so much information that’s bursting to come out. It’s just easier if I made a list…

1. Mrs. E was out of town this week (Hallelujah!). The atmosphere was definitely less tense without her telling us what we’re doing wrong every twenty minutes. She’s so unbelievably intimidating and I can’t help but do my best to stay at least 10ft away from her whenever she is at the front desk.

2. After searching for Eclipse at local Targets for an entire week, I finally got my hands on a cheap hardback. Once I figured that the book stock at Target was impossible I turned to a different source. With an awful addiction to Edward Cullen and very high hopes, I decided to stop at the Foothill Ranch Walmart where I reunited with the third book. I’m sick and insane, I know.

3. The Dr. gave me and Lily a $50 gift card to Cheesecake Factory for lunch today, so fancy shmancy! I don’t think anyone can ever have a better boss than Dr. E, he just keeps on giving.

4. Okay, my exhaustion just hit me right now and I doubt that I’m capable of continuing typing more than I intended to. I guess it’s my cue to shutdown the laptop and curl up with Eclipse until I fall asleep. No alarm clock tomorrow, that sound so good.

Goodnight, I’ll continue this tomorrow :]


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