short weekend

Why did Saturday fly by extra fast this week? After not having seen my boyfriend for two weeks I guess 8 hours of spending time together was barely enough for me. I know it’s only Sunday morning but I’ll already be going back to work tomorrow, augh! Right now, I’m wishing that I was still going to school so that I can enjoy the 4 day weekend that has been given to students for Veterans Day. Okay, I’m done complaining.

So my 21st birthday is coming up in two weeks and I’m hoping I can take a trip to Vegas or somewhere more creative (suggestions?). Franco doesn’t have any ideas for what to do on my birthday so we’ll probably end up going to Vegas at the last minute, I don’t enjoy wasting my time planning out events, let’s just go Babe! With all the changes and cirmcumstances, I’m hoping my cousins will be able to go too. Ugh, not to mention that I’ll have to save all of next week’s paycheck for this.

A few days ago I got news that Paramore Lost Show will be taking place at Hollywood & Highland in L.A., I know this will sound very awkward and wrong but: I’m not going. This will probably be the first Paramore show I’ll ever miss that’s within my area, depressing isn’t it? The day the concert is taking place will be on a Tuesday and god knows that I can’t miss work the next day. I wouldn’t be able to function! For some reason, I’m not too upset about missing their show this time because I guess my mentality is, “been there, done that.” Paramore, I’m waiting for your “next big thing.”


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