Twilight weekend

This weekend was really fun for me, I wish it didn’t end. Me and Franco went to Santa Anita Mall to finally watch Twilight on Friday. There were so many teens that it almost felt like I was in line for the Jonas Brothers’ concert all over again. All I could see that day were Twilight t-shirts, jackets, books, and white girls, haha! The movie was so great that I went to Brea the next day with my cousins to watch it for the second time and I still haven’t had enough. I’m planning on watching it one more time before it hits the DVDs, heh. The characters were cast with utmost perfection, fitting each description with infallible accuracy. Although a lot of parts from the book were thrown out of the movie I was perfectly fine with the way it came out. I loved it! Most critics wrote that the the emotions and personalities of the main characters were overdone but those critics probably never read the book. To fully understand the feeling and emotions of this movie you definitely need to read Twilight. It just doesn’t work that way.

I just came back from having Korean BBQ with my family. No, I didn’t have any alcohol. I kind of want to wait until I can share my privilege with Franco and my cousins. I’m off to dye my hair, see yah!


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