this week

This week consisted of…

1. Mostly being frustrated with the fact that Silverlink employees at Cerritos Mall are unreliable. Nobody takes a mall job seriously anymore, ugh.

2. Being bombarded with errands, drop offs, pick ups, “take me heres & take me theres,” and “can you please work?” It’s a little overwhelming especially when I thought that I would have a lot of time for myself this week, but that rarely works out. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Other people have it worse than you so stop complaining.” Well frankly, I’m not those people and I honestly couldn’t do what they do everyday of their lives, we’re all different and have totally incomparable functionality. I mean I could be a little more tolerant of doing favors for family but it’s just a little irritating when so many questions are thrown at me in 2 days.

3. Watching Twilight for the 3RD time in 2 weeks, it just gets better every single time I watch it. I’m not saying this is would be my last time either…

4. Buying Franco’s Christmas present a month too early! The cost of a G1 for an upgrade was a $150 special so we couldn’t pass it up, especially not when Franco’s cell phone was on the on the verge of a breakdown. I can’t believe he got his G1 before me! Augh.

5. Not getting to any particular Black Friday sales. Santa Anita Mall was ridiculously packed even at nine o’clock in the morning! Parking was impossible so me and my sister opted out for spending $8 on valet.

Today I am driving to LA to help set up for Franco’s mom’s birthday party. That means there will be tons of food! I just hate how far I have to drive to get to Glendale, blah!


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