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super toilet
December 31, 2008

This morning I woke up at 9, got dressed, and headed to Puente Hills for one reason: Twilight. I can’t believe I’ve watched this darn flick four times and I’m still not sick of it. It’s amazing what this movie does to people. Thank you, Stephanie Meyer! You’ve done such a great job of making a complete fool out of the entire female population with your creation.

Today is New Year’s Eve and guess where I’ll be! At home, in my room, and possibly with some pigging out involved. Another year has gone by so fast, I still remember sitting here at this exact same spot and wearing the exact same robe as I was last New Years. I am the epitome of lame. Don’t worry about me though, one of these days I’ll attempt to do something special.

Here’s some random news. Last night I came home and saw that I needed some toilet paper in my bathroom. I walked into my parent’s bathroom (because that is where the toilet paper is kept) and saw this:

super toilet

Is that totally bizarre or what? I nicknamed it “super toilet” because that’s what it definitely looks like. The thing has a seat warmer for crying out loud.  Remember when I posted a blog about cold toilet seats in the winter time? It looks like my parents won’t be having that problem anymore. Haha!


family time
December 28, 2008

Today we celebrated my family’s gift exchange and BBQ at my house. My Aunt had been my Secret Santa all along, we picked each other’s names :] She told me that she had no idea what to get me so she just placed $250 in a money counting jar (that I’ve been wanting for years). Once the mall starts restocking brand new items, I’m going shopping!

The presents everyone was waiting to open

Presents 2008

My cousin Tam’s spamifornia rolls, mmm

Spamifornia Rolls (Tam's)

We went the “healthy” route. Sukiyaki!


My Grandma & Riley

Grama & Riley (2008)

Riley’s Chicken Dance

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Random clip of Monster Baby

Vodpod videos no longer available.

auto biography
December 28, 2008

I wrote a long bio of myself so you could get to know me a little better. The link is right above this post (next to Home). So check it out and tell me what you think!

And, oh look! It’s snowing on my page!

Twilight cover
December 27, 2008

Spot the Twilight book cover in this scene.
Hey, I had nothing else better to do :]

big four
December 26, 2008

Today’s Agenda (was):

1. Fry’s Electronics. Supposedly, Fry’s was having a bigger-than-black-Friday sale today. Me and my sister had nothing better to do so we decided to check it out. We walked around the place for about half & hour and left empty handed. Apparently, we got there a little bit too late. Boo.

2. Best Buy. Walked in, walked out, spotted an ice-cream truck, bought a frozen yogurt on a cone (of which I will soon regret. read on to find out), and left.

3. My Auntie’s house. My cousin’s spamifornia rolls are the best. I scarfed down a whole roll, then made the biggest mistake of weighing myself on an accurate scale, and screamed in horror (in my mind because I don’t actually scream out loud, ever). An extra 4 whopping pounds were added to the number of my usual plateaued weight I kept for a very, very long time. It’s time to hit the gym tri-weekly, cut out certain foods, and drink a lot of extra water. Wish me luck!

word of the day
December 25, 2008

ap-pre-ci-ate [uhpree-shee-eyt]
1. to be grateful or thankful for:

Don’t you just hate it when someone put forth effort into buying a gift and they just end up being somewhat unappreciative? Who cares if it’s too cheap looking, if it’s not wrapped, or if even if if you don’t have any type of physical use of it. Complaining doesn’t make anyone feel any better. Just appreciate what people are capable of giving you, especially the ones that love you most. It hurts being on the other end of the hook so give each other a break. Christmas isn’t purely about gift giving, it’s about appreciating the time you have spending with your family. It’s a common and forgiveable mistake for everyone (including myself). People subconcsiously forget what the holidays are really about, it just takes a little push and a just a little bit of reminding to snap them back. Merry Christmas everyone and don’t forget to let someone know that you appreciate having them in your life.

Christmas day
December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m off to Porter Ranch for some family and food! Stay safe and warm.

Christmas Eve
December 24, 2008

Today I went to Goodyear to get my tires looked at because my pressure light has been on for a few weeks already. My front right tire was getting more deflated every day so I was getting a little worried. It turns out my two front tires are badly worn out and are in need of a replacement. The manager quoted me $330 for one set of two front tires, holy cow. I told them I’d be back Friday, of course if I end up finding a better deal somewhere else I’m headed there instead, shhh! After all that shenanigans, I took my mom to Target (in the horrible, unbearable traffic on Colima Road) and the local Chinese Market. Road rage was my biggest problem today. I can’t help it that I live in an area where people have an IQ of a monkey when it comes to driving. I’m not going to state specifically what race I’m talking about because some people are easily offended (and could also possibly agree), but I’m pretty sure the majority of you know which “people” I”m referring to. My mom had the urge to remind me to “calm down” every five minutes, which didn’t help.

I came home, looked at my closet, and sighed hopelessly to myself. Piles and piles of my dirty clothes mixed in with my clean ones filled what it should be: my walk-in closet. All I have to say is that my Christmas Eve consisted of me cleaning out and reorganizing my entire closet and actually having the ability to walk into my walk-in, amazing. After my accomplishment, I caught my sister in the act of attempting sit-ups in the hallway so I sneaked a shot on my phone (and giggled in the process). She seems to be taking this work-out routine pretty serious lately, it’s already been three whole days!

*Keep in mind that these pictures were taken from my G1. The quality isn’t great, but it’s much better than my shiteous old Sidekick LX.

Behold! My clean closet!

holy clean

Abs of Steel.

abs of steel

Not too much this year.

not too much this year

December 23, 2008


3 more days
December 22, 2008

I finally finished categorizing every single one of my blog entries. I know, I totally lagged on that. It seemed to me that it wasn’t entirely important so I put it off for a very long time. Sorry.

Today me and my sister woke up at 10AM (a little frustrating that it was late), got dressed and went to ChowKing at Puente Hills mall.I went a little over board with the food ordering and ended up getting way too much. I’m such a glutton when it comes to food, it’s a bad habit of mine. It only took five minutes to stop by Sanrio and pick out a gift for a little girl in our family. Nothing exciting happened after that. I went to work at 2 o’clock and saw a red envelope by my time card slot. I opened it to find an Olive Garden gift card from the Doctor and his wife. Yes! Pasta means carbs and carbs mean happy Vicky. Sometime this week I think I’ll take Franco there for his first time.