invisible shields are invisible

Good Morning readers! Today is my day off (I’ve been getting these lately) and I have no clue what my plans are. I do know that I definitely need to take Pudge to the vet for a nail trim because he won’t let me cut them. It’s my mistake for not doing it too often when he was a puppy so I deserve it, heh. Taking a trip to the car wash would also be on my to do list but I’m kind of on the fence about spending money on it. Don’t worry I’m not a cheapskate, it’s near the holidays so I’m trying to save some money for gifts. I hate saving.

On Wednesday I drove to Brea (might I add very eagerly) with my sister to get my Invisible Shield installed on my G1. Guess what? They completely ran out. I called the Invisible Shield cart at Santa Anita yesterday and guess what? They also completely sold out. Shipments won’t be in until next weekend and I don’t think I can wait. I’m not a patient person so I’m going to try to find a place later today that hasn’t run dry yet. Oh look, I have plans now.

See you later.


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