nothing exciting

Today I:

1. Dropped my family friend (we call cousin) off at Cerritos Mall, then drove all the way back to Rowland.

2. Ate Siopao Asado at Chow King with my sister and Franco.

3. Was forced to watch The Earth Stood Still at the movies and ended up crying towards the end. Overall, I give it a grade C, it wasn’t the greatest movie but it was pretty bearable.

4. Bought new $20 jeans, another Elmo toy for Riley at Target, and some hair dye for my cousin at Sally’s.

5. Had In-N-Out for dinner.

Puente Hills Mall opened a  humongous Forever 21 store on the bottom floor for whatever reason. It was overwhelming attempting to shop in that store because everything was appealing. That mall was already on the brink of shutting down because of the lack of customers and shop-worthy stores. I’m already getting the feeling all that will ever be left of Puente Hills is Forever 21, sad. On Friday, I went to a Korean salon with my mom and ended up getting  haircut and a light perm (for volume). I cringed as the hairdresser snipped my hair inch by inch, but surprisingly, it came out better than I would have imagined. At least my hair has some sort of style now, it’s not just long and deflated.


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