Holy crapola, it’s cold this year. It’s so cold that my body is starting to ache all over the place. Fortunately, my mother has decided to turn on the heater for a couple of hours; I have taken up a huge appreciation towards our house’s central heating system. Today I went to Downtown L.A. to babysit Riley. I had been begging my cousin to bring him since Friday and she gave in Sunday night, heh. Riley has already become more than a handful but I love it. I love every minute of chasing after him, feeding him,  seeing him dance to every song that he hears, and seeing how much progress he’s made with complaining in his baby words. Being with a baby with that much energy takes a lot of patience.

This week (and possibly the following weeks) will be a little different at work because the schedule has been changed for the holidays. My hours have probably been cut down because my co-workers most likely want more hours until New Years, but I’m not complaining :] I’ll need the extra time to shop for my Secret Santa gifts and whatnot. Ten days until Christmas, am I missing something? This year doesn’t feel like Christmas as much as the previous years we’ve had. The shopping mall parking lots aren’t as crowded, business is horrible, and most of all I’m broke. Hahaha! The Christmas Spirit probably won’t hit me until I actually start shopping for gifts, which I choose to procrastinate on because I think faster under pressure.

Well, it’s time for bed. Goodnight ya’ll.


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