Christmas Party

My dad’s company Christmas Party was held at the Universal Hilton Hotel last night at a buffet. The fact that this place costs about $50 a person makes everyone want to go try the food. I’ve been to this buffet before and personally, I prefer Vegas buffets over it. I didn’t eat much because I couldn’t help worrying about Riley’s fever, he’s been getting sick frequently lately. Poor baby. I was just too distracted to eat, that was weird.

The Secret Santa gift exchange was extra fun this year, our table was so loud that management was starting to stare after a few minutes. Whatever, for $50 we should be able to cheer as loud as we want. My cousin Tammy had actually picked my name for the gift exchange, it was so unexpected! I got a Tokidoki purse from her that I’ve been wanting for a long time and I loved it. The person I picked was one of my dad’s most obnoxious employees; I bought him two t-shirts from Express and two books about Obama (it was on his wishlist). Heh. Before we all went home last night, my family finally had a drawing for our Secret Santa and I got one of the hardest people to shop for. Augh! So today I’m dedicating most of my time to finding a gift for her. The spending limit is around $200-$300, but my cousin tells me she doesn’t seem to like anything that falls less than $500. Poor Me.


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