Christmas Eve

Today I went to Goodyear to get my tires looked at because my pressure light has been on for a few weeks already. My front right tire was getting more deflated every day so I was getting a little worried. It turns out my two front tires are badly worn out and are in need of a replacement. The manager quoted me $330 for one set of two front tires, holy cow. I told them I’d be back Friday, of course if I end up finding a better deal somewhere else I’m headed there instead, shhh! After all that shenanigans, I took my mom to Target (in the horrible, unbearable traffic on Colima Road) and the local Chinese Market. Road rage was my biggest problem today. I can’t help it that I live in an area where people have an IQ of a monkey when it comes to driving. I’m not going to state specifically what race I’m talking about because some people are easily offended (and could also possibly agree), but I’m pretty sure the majority of you know which “people” I”m referring to. My mom had the urge to remind me to “calm down” every five minutes, which didn’t help.

I came home, looked at my closet, and sighed hopelessly to myself. Piles and piles of my dirty clothes mixed in with my clean ones filled what it should be: my walk-in closet. All I have to say is that my Christmas Eve consisted of me cleaning out and reorganizing my entire closet and actually having the ability to walk into my walk-in, amazing. After my accomplishment, I caught my sister in the act of attempting sit-ups in the hallway so I sneaked a shot on my phone (and giggled in the process). She seems to be taking this work-out routine pretty serious lately, it’s already been three whole days!

*Keep in mind that these pictures were taken from my G1. The quality isn’t great, but it’s much better than my shiteous old Sidekick LX.

Behold! My clean closet!

holy clean

Abs of Steel.

abs of steel

Not too much this year.

not too much this year


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