word of the day

ap-pre-ci-ate [uhpree-shee-eyt]
1. to be grateful or thankful for:

Don’t you just hate it when someone put forth effort into buying a gift and they just end up being somewhat unappreciative? Who cares if it’s too cheap looking, if it’s not wrapped, or if even if if you don’t have any type of physical use of it. Complaining doesn’t make anyone feel any better. Just appreciate what people are capable of giving you, especially the ones that love you most. It hurts being on the other end of the hook so give each other a break. Christmas isn’t purely about gift giving, it’s about appreciating the time you have spending with your family. It’s a common and forgiveable mistake for everyone (including myself). People subconcsiously forget what the holidays are really about, it just takes a little push and a just a little bit of reminding to snap them back. Merry Christmas everyone and don’t forget to let someone know that you appreciate having them in your life.


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