big four

Today’s Agenda (was):

1. Fry’s Electronics. Supposedly, Fry’s was having a bigger-than-black-Friday sale today. Me and my sister had nothing better to do so we decided to check it out. We walked around the place for about half & hour and left empty handed. Apparently, we got there a little bit too late. Boo.

2. Best Buy. Walked in, walked out, spotted an ice-cream truck, bought a frozen yogurt on a cone (of which I will soon regret. read on to find out), and left.

3. My Auntie’s house. My cousin’s spamifornia rolls are the best. I scarfed down a whole roll, then made the biggest mistake of weighing myself on an accurate scale, and screamed in horror (in my mind because I don’t actually scream out loud, ever). An extra 4 whopping pounds were added to the number of my usual plateaued weight I kept for a very, very long time. It’s time to hit the gym tri-weekly, cut out certain foods, and drink a lot of extra water. Wish me luck!


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