super toilet

This morning I woke up at 9, got dressed, and headed to Puente Hills for one reason: Twilight. I can’t believe I’ve watched this darn flick four times and I’m still not sick of it. It’s amazing what this movie does to people. Thank you, Stephanie Meyer! You’ve done such a great job of making a complete fool out of the entire female population with your creation.

Today is New Year’s Eve and guess where I’ll be! At home, in my room, and possibly with some pigging out involved. Another year has gone by so fast, I still remember sitting here at this exact same spot and wearing the exact same robe as I was last New Years. I am the epitome of lame. Don’t worry about me though, one of these days I’ll attempt to do something special.

Here’s some random news. Last night I came home and saw that I needed some toilet paper in my bathroom. I walked into my parent’s bathroom (because that is where the toilet paper is kept) and saw this:

super toilet

Is that totally bizarre or what? I nicknamed it “super toilet” because that’s what it definitely looks like. The thing has a seat warmer for crying out loud.  Remember when I posted a blog about cold toilet seats in the winter time? It looks like my parents won’t be having that problem anymore. Haha!


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