Laker ticket madness

Going back to school didn’t turn out to be such a burn as I thought it would be. We took a fifteen question math quiz and I think I did pretty good for someone who didn’t even crack a book over the break. My teachers don’t have to know that, shhh! I also recieved a warning letter for missing Hospital Procedures two times (that’s the maximum number of days you can miss in one semester) without a Doctor’s note (because I called in “sick”). No worries. I won’t need any more days off because the semester is coming to an end very soon, and I can also choose to make those classes up.

Just when I thought of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Franco, it doesn’t work out. For a few days I’ve been searching for Laker tickets online and I finally found a pair for $357 (this includes the shipping and commission charges on I purchased them without knowing that the Arizona, Tucson Jewelry show will still be going on the day that I bought the tickets for. There is no way he can miss this jewelry show so I’m a little disappointed. The seats are located in Loge 108, 6th row from the court. Bummer, I know. Luckily for us, we can resell these wonderful tickets back on later on tonight. So if anyone is interested in paying $350 for 2 tickets, please let me know and we can possibly meet the day before the game (because that’s the estimated shipping date of the tickets) :]

Seat Viewer
Loge 108


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