why is it hot?

My phone rings at approximately 7:45 every morning.

F: “Good morning!”

Me: “Mmmmffgghh…..”

F: “Okay. Love you! Bye!”

And I’m back to sleep in two minutes. When you’ve been waking up to the piercing cold for the past two months you kind of get use to it. It’s easier to turn the alarm off and throw the covers back over your head, it just feels right to be under the blankets when it’s cold. Sun, please go away and come back when you’re really suppose to.

Today my sister passed her pink slip exam and is now allowed to take her permit test. Once I received the good news via text, I scheduled her an appointment for this Friday at the DMV. Pretty soon I’ll be the one in the passenger seat, napping away while she is the one who drives us to Target. I will no longer have to pick her up from her dances at 11 o’clock at night or drive 2 blocks to drop her off at Jeanelle’s house :] For the next three days I will be forcing her to study from the permit practice tests until her brain explodes.

Babysitting Riley was a little different than usual yesterday. Not only was he in a great mood but I actually heard him say “banana” in Thai and english! Riley’s first official word was “ball,” (because he loves balls. footballs, basketballs, tennis balls; you name it, he has it.) but hearing him say something other than “ball” was so awesome! I don’t know where that little monster baby harbors all of his unused energy, but considering it was only for two hours, I was literally floored dancing with him and running after him. I had so much fun last night, I’m desperately hoping he’ll be the same when I pick him up today.


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