it’s bad.

Today my grandpa had a very big car accident and ran into the garage today. Thankfully he’s not physically hurt but our garage and a part of our house is just completely ruined. Apparently, he lost control of the brake and rammed my car into a big wall in the garage. As a result the guest room bathroom, that is connected to the laundry room, is trashed beyond repair. The water system started leaking slowly and went from the garage to filling half of the living room. While this happened I was in my parents’ shower when I felt (and heard) a huge thud. At first I figured it was an earthquake so I immediately ran out of the shower (with soap all over the place) and called for my grandma. She called my name back and said, “Grandpa ran into the garage. Come down!”  I ran back into the shower, cleaned myself off, and raced downstairs. My heart dropped when I saw the explicit damage of my house and my car. A wave of panic overcame my ability to stay calm so I called my Dad and couldn’t help but start to hyperventilate. He had to tell me to “Not panic, calm down, and everything is going to be okay.” Unfortunately, mine and my sister’s room is right above the garage so we’re not allowed to sleep in there until they fix the broken pillar. The computer has already been moved down here to the dinner room and we’re probably going to end up sleeping in the other living room for a few days (it’s a good thing we have two living rooms). I’m exhausted but I’ll probably blog again later, or tomorrow. Sweeping water out of the room and having panic attacks drained me. Enjoy the pictures..

pillar below our room

my poor car

the wall ran into

pudge playing in the flood

water everywhere

the guest room bathroom


One Response

  1. i occasionally see your bulletins and read your blog to see what mischief you’re up to. lol jk but anyway..

    what i meant to say.. was.. at least you don’t have carpet. =) and at least everyone is ok and nobody got hurt.

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