what’s going on

Some things that have been going on this week:

1. I’ve started back on my Jenny Craig diet again. I remember I weighed about 160 lbs. in high school, signed up for Jenny Craig, and lost over 40 lbs in about 6 months. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down about my body image (I know it might sound vain and shallow), but I keep having flashbacks of what I use to look like junior year and it haunts me. Just once, I want to feel better about myself and not try to hide my body in different ways. Wish me lots of luck.

2. In addition to the JC diet, I’ve been to the gym about 5 times this week. I can’t emphasize enough about how much more energetic and productive I feel. They say it takes about two weeks to start a habit but I think I’ve already made working out as a part of my everyday routine. Note to self: Find a workout buddy who doesn’t tend to become lazy after 5 minutes of being on an elliptical (Pauline, grr.).

3. As for my house: Good news! The construction analyst came by to check out the extensive damages of our house two days ago. They told my parents that it would be totally fine for me and Pauline to sleep in our rooms because that half broken pillar is not what holds up the house. I still haven’t moved my computer back up so I’ll probably end up doing that tonight.

4. Yesterday, my car has been taken away to be fixed but I’m not completely sure if we’re going to end up keeping it. Honestly, I would love to have my car back, but my dad thinks we shouldn’t so I’m a little disappointed. Maybe I can convince him to sell the van instead (since it’s older) and keep my baby.

5.  I brought home Pudge’s DHPPC and Bordatella vaccines to give to him last night. I figured if i took him to the vet he’ll just be a nervous wreck and cry the whole time so I spared his fear and my energy, brought home the vaccines, and shot him in the shoulder while my mom held him. He didn’t feel the first one but he yelped at the second poke, what a baby.

6. Today is a historic day! Welcome Obama!


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