Yesterday I finally caved and joined the Facebook bandwagon. I already had an existing account that just needed a reactivation. I’m still getting use to everything on it because it just seems a little more complicated to use than MySpace.

My dad will be gone for two weeks so I moved into my mother’s room to sleep with her. After this jewelry, show my parents will be taking a two week business trip to Thailand. I wish I could go with them because I doubt I’ll be able to  this summer due to school obligations :[ Bummer, I know.

Well guys, unfortunately, there’s nothing new to blog about at all, my days seem to be a boring repetition of work, gym, and school. I have nothing to look forward to for the next week and a half, which is when Franco comes back from Arizona. We’re planning on going to Downtown Disney for Valentine’s Day and hopefully we’ll find someplace else to go that doesn’t involve being near a movie theater (ahem, Babe).

Oh, one more thing. Make sure you guys wish my sister Pauline a Happy Birthday on the 7th this Saturday! She’s finally getting one year closer to being of the legal age. One more year, Lin.

See you guys later!


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