G: Why don’t you make right here?
M: Because I’m going a different way. (thinking to myself: You tell me where to go at every turn. I know where I’m going.)
G: Why are you staying so far behind the car in front of you? People are going to cut you off.
M: (Thinking to myself: Dude, it’s raining and there’s traffic. Please stop telling me how to drive. You’re distracting me and you could cause me to get into an accident.)
G: You need to fill up your gas now.
M: No, I don’t. It’s only half empty.
G: Just go to the gas station to fill the rest of it up.
M: (Thinking to myself: I want to rip my hair out.)

You probably  haven’t experienced unholy impatience and aggravation at the same time until you’ve driven my Grandpa around. Here I was, thinking it was best for him to have his driving privileges taken away for the safety of the public and, most importantly of all, safety of himself. In the beginning, the thought of me driving him to the pharmacy or shopping for groceries one or two days a week was fine. Did I say “fine?” You know what? I completely and utterly take back that comment. Everyone who knows me pretty much knows me as a patient person; I’m quiet and, most of the time, easygoing; I don’t argue back nor do I talk a lot. Believe or not, I actually love doing favors for my family because I think it’s important to keep a close and intimate relationship with them. The only person who makes me want to rip my hair out is my Grandpa! Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death. He and my grandma raised me to be the person I am today and I am eternally grateful to still have them in my life. I still just don’t understand how impatient and demanding a person can be. Although it’s only been a couple times a week when I had to take him to god knows where, I’ve probably already grown some white hairs due to high levels of stress. I also wouldn’t doubt it if my blood pressure shot up in less than an hour. Gah! I need to stop being so negative and start getting use to the fact that my Grandpa is getting older every day. Pretty soon he won’t even be able to go out, let alone walk himself. When that day comes I’m going to fully regret the decision of posting this blog, but I’m just venting. I’m only human, if I keep this inside I’ll just explode into little human bits and no one will be able to take my Grandpa to get his meds at WalMart anymore.

You know what? I just realized something. Everyone is selfish in their own twisted way, including myself. You can’t help me, my complaining won’t help me, no one can do anything about it but myself. I just need to build a very short and narrow bridge and get over it…fast.


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