The thought of driving to school makes me want to hurl myself off a tall building. I know that I should have already gotten use to the distance after doing so for 4 months, but clearly I have not. My allergies have been acting up for a few days already and the only time I seem to be able to breath is when I’m working out on the elliptical at the gym. Apparently, sweat and movement is the cure to clearing my sinuses. I also need to pick up a humidifier soon, the news had announced that it keeps the flu away (and the reason being is that the flu thrives in dry conditions). The real reason for needing a humidifier is because I’ve been waking up every morning with the back of my throat dry and sore. I hate the feeling. FYI: Pudge keeps secretly stealing the tissues I’m blowing my nose into and eating them. What’s up with that?!

Franco is back home from Arizona now! We’re planning on going to Downtown Disney and/or Old Town Pasadena for Valentine’s Day this weekend and I honestly can’t wait. We still have no idea what restaurant to eat at so if you have any good suggestions for a Valentine’s Day dinner, let me know!


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  1. vicky you can try mi piace in old town. it is pretty good with nice decor and not too pricey. italian. there is also a fondue place there but i think it’s quite expensive. there is an indian place called akbar it’s decent but not the best. there is also a sushi roku and an il fornaio. and lastly there is a nice french place that serves crepes. i forget the name but it is in an alley off the main colorado strip in old town. maybe it’s crepevine. it’s a bit more casual than mi piace though. manny’s pizza has white or yellow tablecloths nowadays instead of the red and white checkered ones and they’ve really spruced up the place if you are on a budget. or go to hooters haha. call me if you need more suggestions we are there a lot but we usually eat on the other side of lake at daisy mint on colorado but it’s a few miles from old town. it’s like a casual fusion-ish thai place. that or saladang song also thai which is again on fair oaks a few miles from old town. if you want super romantic you can try for the raymond but you will have trouble getting a table on vday. it’s very nice and the food is awesome. -p’jack.

    • pe jack you’re a food connoisseur. i’m so thankful for your wisdom hahaha thanks i’ll look for those today!! and i’ll be sure to call u for any other suggestions.

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