Why is it whenever I’m completely broke I tend to have a “want” impulse yet, when I do have money I can’t seem to make up my mind about what to buy. After my indecisiveness in what I wanted as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Franco decided to take me on a $300 shopping spree. Holy moly!  Unfortunately my attempt of trying to find something turned out to be nearly impossible :[  A thousand stores later I finally made up my mind on what I wanted. It was a unisex circle scarf from American Apparel. rsa2502_altIt “claims” that you can wear it thirteen different ways but keeping it a regular scarf seems to look better. So, shopping at Old Town Pasadena today wasn’t a total bust;  the weather was nice (well, extremely cold but at least it was sunny) and I finally got to spend time with Franco after missing him for two long weeks.We stopped at Target on the way home to buy some gift wrap for my mom and I ended up spending $45 of my Valentine money on my sister. Her god forsaken straightener has been begging to be replaced and since I hadn’t thought of buying her a birthday gift yet, I gave in to a new straightener. “Ahhhh!!! There’s a caaar!!!” Good job on the driving Lin, you do great at 15 miles an hour, hehe.

Good news! Franco finally found some pretty good Laker tickets to buy (it was my gift to him for Valentine’s Day) so we’ll be going on Friday. Keep in mind that this will be my first time ever going to a live sporting event; the things I do for the guy I love.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be driving down to Porter Ranch for my dad’s cousin’s daughter’s birthday party (haha! that was a long thread), she’s turning 2 years old.


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