Laker flu?

For the past week, I’ve been semi-sick with a mild sore throat and an endless runny nose (again). Yesterday, I was unfortunate enough to catch the flu and it felt just awful. I couldn’t sleep the night before because my body ached and every time I breathed in, the back of my throat felt as if it were being stabbed by a knife. I can honestly tell you that I almost used up an entire roll of toilet paper just from my runny nose (and it’s still going as we speak). I wish I could use the tissue as a nostril cork without feeling like a complete doofus. Whatever works, right?

So, the past Friday me and Franco went to the Laker v. Hornets game at the Staples Center. It was my first live sporting event ever and I have to tell you that I absolutely loved it! Watching the game gave me a wave of excitement mixed in with nail-biting tense at the same time. About half the time  Franco had to explain to me the concept of each play or foul but he didn’t seem to mind. I would just look at his expression every once in a while and would be able to tell that he was really happy (and grateful) to be there at that moment. Our seats were on the floor, Row M, and behind the basket so it was the perfect view.  I enjoyed every minute of the game and I definitely am considering going back (except we won’t have to be as close next time) :]

My parents left for Thailand/Hong Kong/China this morning and they will probably be gone for 2 weeks. This means I have to drop my sister off at school every single day for 2 weeks. Augh! Kill me. On the other hand, I’ll have a little bit more freedom to go out with Franco and not worry about having to be home by a certain time. Knowing me, I’ll just end up coming home extra early anyway because I’m obviously a lazy homebody.


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