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March 30, 2009

I’ve found that I could be protective, anal, and downright ridiculous when it comes to owning a nice car. I actually take my time to place food and belongings in the trunk rather than throw it in the backseat like I did with my RAV4. I would actually hesitate letting someone with dark jeans in for a ride. That would involve the jean wearer of having the need to sit on my clean leather seats and possibly staining them with irremovable dye.  (I was thinking more along the lines of using saran wrap and not using actual seat covers too. lol!) It’s ridiculous I tell you! Other than being a uncontrollable and protective car owner, I have been cruisin’. Did I tell you that I named her Bella? Not after the Twilight character, ohh no. Haha!

Oh hey! It’s time for America’s Family Pet Expo in 3 weeks! I’m desperately hoping that this year won’t be as scorching hot as last year. I probably would have enjoyed it ten times more if the weather wasn’t attempting to boil my insides. Here’s to hoping for 80 degree weather. Please?

Question of the day:

If you could, what is one thing you would completely eliminate from your life?
My answer: Allergies. I hate springtime.


March 29, 2009

I joined a  month ago and found no significant use towards it. Of course, it was inevitable that I would probably have to get sucked into it as I did on FaceBook. So, follow me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to follow yours :]

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RX found!
March 28, 2009

Very special thanks to my cousin (or second cousin to be exact), Pe Jack, for helping me and my dad car shop. Despite my whining, impatience, and being color picky, he still stuck with me to help :]  This past week was a such a test of patience for me, I was about to crack. I received the good news yesterday via text from my cousin telling me that Glendale finally came through with a white exterior/gray interior for the price my dad was willing to pay. I don’t think anybody understands how happy I was the very moment I stepped into my brand new car. When I sat my booty down into the driver’s seat, it felt as if I melted into it (really).  My dad really surprised me with his generous decision on buying this for me. For that I am truly truly grateful. I appreciate everything that my parents provide me with and I couldn’t ask for two better people in my life. I am one spoiled little girl.

my brand new 2010 RX

so far…
March 25, 2009

…there has been no luck in getting the white RX for the price my dad wants. Phooey. Still going to wait!

I gave Pudge some acepro twice yesterday (and one this morning) to relax him for his grooming. He knocked out on my bed right next to me last night and actually started snoring! I’ve never heard Pudge snore before so it was really cute! His haircut makes him look like some type of rat dog but at least he’s mat-free and smells good. Hopefully, the meds wear off by tomorrow because I’m not use to seeing him so lifeless and sleepy.

not today
March 22, 2009

Buying the RX was a no-go for today, mostly because they didn’t have the color combination we wanted. My parents had decided to buy me the white one after all, so I’m definitely patient enough to wait for it 😀 The only problem is that the gray interior that we wanted is harder to find with a white exterior. My cousin, Jack, was making calls for us all day and finally found one at the Crown Lexus in Ontario for the price we wanted. Unfortunately, the salesman had been playing games just to get us to go out there for the price we didn’t agree with. Needless to say, my dad walked out of that sleazy place in less than three minutes. It was a complete waste of our gas and time, you can bet that my dad was pissed off. We’ve decided to hold off until next week for more incoming inventory and so the wait begins (which I have no problem with whatsoever because I’m going to get white!).

March 22, 2009

Ahh, spring. If I could eliminate one thing from my life it would have to be allergies. Definitely allergies. I’m so sick of sneezing, scratching my eyes, and blowing my nose. Since my entire family has severe allergy problems, my dad suggested that we go get allergy shots every week for a year (or two). I use to get weekly allergy shots a few years ago, but my parents stopped taking me out of laziness (I think). Ugh, I HATE MY ALLERGIES!

Well, today is Sunday and this Sunday means car-shopping day!!!

March 20, 2009

Wonderful news! My dad has suddenly decided to sell the van and buy me a brand new car! I already took that peice of information as good news and expected something that was equivalent to my old Rav4, but then my cousin gives me even better news. It turns out my dad has decided on a Lexus RX. I know, an RX! My Aunt is also planning on getting the same car so we’re all going as a family this Sunday to a Lexus dealership together. This is definitely unexpected especially with my grandpa’s multiple accidents, the insurance issues, and our house’s current renovating conditions and whatnot. I feel like the luckiest girl right now and I just can’t wait until Sunday. The only catch to this is that my parents are not allowing me to get another white car. It’s kind of a downer because people knew me for my white Rav4 and I was hoping to carry on that color to the next car. Overall, I’m very very grateful that my parents love me enough to buy me a new one at all.

Today I babysat Riley at LA and then I came home and made Oreo truffles. I think I’m getting better at dipping.

oreo truffles

oreo truffle 2

oreo truffles 3

March 19, 2009

Uuuugghhh. I hate going to work in the middle of the day.

cake pops
March 17, 2009

Today (and yesterday) was my first attempt at making cake pops. Basically, it’s cake in lollipop form dipped in chocolate, candy melts, or whatever that’s capable of melting and hardening quick. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off the first time (let alone pull it off at all), but it was pretty easy because I guess I’ve build up my patience. One thing that bothers me about these cake pops is that they are just too sweet. I can only nibble small amounts at a time; which I guess is a good thing because they aren’t that big to begin with. Give me some feedback on what you think!

FYI: These were inspired by Bakerella.

cake pops 2

cake pops 2

March 15, 2009