radio shack

Going out Saturday was a bust. Franco got sick from eating the spicy food at Ord Noodle (my favorite restaurant in Thai Town) so we ended up going to his place to crash. He was beginning to feel better after our nap so we quickly took the chance to go out with what was left of our time. Let’s just say we walked into Best Buy and Toys ‘r Us for absolutely no reason that day. Franco’s mom was hosting a birthday party for his uncle at 6PM so we headed back home in less than an hour. On the way back,  we decided to stop at Radio Shack to get a $50 gift card for his uncle’s birthday. Radio shack, random. I know. We were out of options. Haha!

I was planning on posting a Vimeo of Riley dancing (that I shot today) but apparently, the site says I’m in still in line for the video to process and it’s going to take 110 minutes. Lame! Check back later if you want to see the little monster in action 😀


2 Responses

  1. duudee! i LOVE ORD NOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well next time you come down, we’re definitely going there. come back already dude.

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