it’s bad part two

Do any of you recall two months ago when my grampa brutally ran into and pretty much destroyed half the bottom floor of our house with the van? Luckily, the pillar is now fixed, they patched up that huge hole in our garage, and construction people are working in and out almost everyday putting the bathroom back together. Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, one more bad thing was bound to happen. My grampa decides to wash the van and thought it would be fine to move the car a few feet but instead he loses control again, swerves, and totally knocked down the mailbox (not to mention ours is connected to the neighbor’s) and breaks a few branches off a nearby tree. Let me tell you one thing: My dad is going to flip. I’m scared to even think about his reaction to this, he’s been dealing with so much already so I’m a bit scared to face it on Monday. The front of the car doesn’t look too good but that’s just my opinion. All I know is that I don’t have the guts to actually drive it since the right headlight is shattered. What do I do?


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