same places

Good news! I’m already into my second semester at PVAS. For those of you who aren’t familiar with (PVAS) it’s a vocational Veterinary Technician school i’ve been attending for a while. I just found out there aren’t three semesters but there are actually four. The fourth semester is an extended Alternate Route for assistants who are shooting to become an actual license vet tech. I can’t wait! Last night was the start of Veterinary Nursing 01, so goodbye Applied Basic Science! This semester we’ll be getting into the more hands on tasks such as learning how to place IV catheters, dental prophylaxis, and completing a long and painful task list, etc. The school anounced that they arranged for us to practice certain tasks at a designated veterinary hospital site less than a mile from our campus. Sounds like fun!

Today I drove my grandparents to their weekly grocery shopping shenanigans. Nothing new. They seem to stop at the same places every week, which I don’t mind. It’s kind of fun hearing my grandmother talk my grandpa to sleep while I’m driving. Boy, that woman can talk. She can ask about 100 questions within 2 minutes too. Okay, I’m exaggerating but it sure seems like a hundred.

1. TS Emporium
2. Del Mar Supermarket
3.  Chinese noodle place (a different one every week. they seem to prefer places that serve egg noodles)
4. Hong Kong supermarket
5. Walmart
6. Costco
7. SF Supermarket

Cramps wasn’t on my agenda today (but then again, when is it ever?) so I casually took 2 maximum strength Midols. Usually the meds kick in after about half an hour, but today it didn’t seem to work. One more Ibuprofen seem to do the trick. I wish there was a way to permanently get rid of my very very painful cramps every month without the option of birth control. However, today I did come across a temporary cure though :]

kim chuy noodle

An update on my van. We had it towed and dropped at our usual automotive repair center. It’s pretty embarrassing that we’re getting to be regulars on their client list. About two months ago, we just had it freshly fixed because my grampa had ran it into the neighborhood community gate. Come to think of it, my grampa has a unlucky knack for running into things with this Sienna. Every now and then when I’m driving,  me and my sister see a knocked over traffic sign or a whole in a wall, we would crack a joke about how our grampa probably ran into that too. Lol! We’re mean, I know. At least my grampa finally learned his lesson (after the 80th time), it was pretty obvious when he told me he would never go near the car keys again :[  I’m using my uncle’s and auntie’s van for now; they’re in Thailand so I get the the honor of running up their mileage while they’re vacationing without me and my cousins.

See you later.


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