I found this band called Renfue while I was browsing through some music on IMEEM. The lead singer sounds exactly like Hayley in one song called “Redemption.” All of their other songs are really good too, I loved it.

Click HERE to listen.



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  1. Lol they are amazing but the lead singer does not sound like Hayley Williams. Sorry. but the song is definitly great

  2. I n0e rite! Dat happen 2 me! I waz l0kin 4 a s0ng dats called i caught myself fr0m param0re than i relize dat wasnt da rite s0ng s0 i searched n da song waz called redemption n its fr0m renfue. N0w i luv renfue!

  3. That is exactly how i found this song to it was under paramore i caught myself. And now i cant stop listening to this song. Its been playing on my laptop for days lol. But i think this band needs more recognition because they are awesome. And at the time I did think it was hayley but with the wrong song title lol idk but i’m going to tell everyone about this amazing discovery 🙂

  4. they are really good i just found bout them right now because i noticed careful wasnt the right song… it was all mixed up but yea i actually love the song which is actually called dancing with a liar… or however… im listening to their songs right now. their songs are definately going on my ipod. =]

  5. I think i know what differs to them… those big bumpers in front of her… seeing a big canal right there… ^^

  6. ok i’ve seen this thing about Paramore and Hayley Williams and its tiring -.-
    but on the bright side, i saw this band on the recommendations when i was watching Picture Me Broken, so yea, i heard a lot of the recommendations, but this band i liked the most, idgaf if it sounds like HW or paramore, i like it and personally i don’t really like paramore, it doesn’t seem to stick, but Picture Me Broken and Renfue do ^_^

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