Wonderful news! My dad has suddenly decided to sell the van and buy me a brand new car! I already took that peice of information as good news and expected something that was equivalent to my old Rav4, but then my cousin gives me even better news. It turns out my dad has decided on a Lexus RX. I know, an RX! My Aunt is also planning on getting the same car so we’re all going as a family this Sunday to a Lexus dealership together. This is definitely unexpected especially with my grandpa’s multiple accidents, the insurance issues, and our house’s current renovating conditions and whatnot. I feel like the luckiest girl right now and I just can’t wait until Sunday. The only catch to this is that my parents are not allowing me to get another white car. It’s kind of a downer because people knew me for my white Rav4 and I was hoping to carry on that color to the next car. Overall, I’m very very grateful that my parents love me enough to buy me a new one at all.

Today I babysat Riley at LA and then I came home and made Oreo truffles. I think I’m getting better at dipping.

oreo truffles

oreo truffle 2

oreo truffles 3


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