RX found!

Very special thanks to my cousin (or second cousin to be exact), Pe Jack, for helping me and my dad car shop. Despite my whining, impatience, and being color picky, he still stuck with me to help :]  This past week was a such a test of patience for me, I was about to crack. I received the good news yesterday via text from my cousin telling me that Glendale finally came through with a white exterior/gray interior for the price my dad was willing to pay. I don’t think anybody understands how happy I was the very moment I stepped into my brand new car. When I sat my booty down into the driver’s seat, it felt as if I melted into it (really).  My dad really surprised me with his generous decision on buying this for me. For that I am truly truly grateful. I appreciate everything that my parents provide me with and I couldn’t ask for two better people in my life. I am one spoiled little girl.

my brand new 2010 RX


2 Responses

  1. er … that would be first cousin once removed haha. you and tammy are first cousins. you and riley are first cousins once removed. you and alena are second cousins. alena and riley are second cousins once removed. you and abby are second cousins. you and pj are second cousins once removed. if you are feeling ambitious feel free to diagram all family relationships annotated with relationship names hahaha.

  2. hahaha i was wrong.

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