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Yuri Jap Cafe Truck
April 27, 2009

Every time I go to Melrose I blog about Yuri Japanese Cafe and how great their rolls and teas are. My sister and I have been urging the owner to franchise out to Rowland Heights because Melrose is just too far of a drive. The owner then tells me to follow Yuri on Twitter so I came home later that day and did. He then Twitters me a few weeks later and asked if I was the girl from Rowland Heights and, if I was, to call him because he had good news. So I call and he tells me the good news. There is now a Yuri Truck serving chicken and beef bowls and they’re coming here to Rowland Heights 😀



4 things
April 24, 2009

Hello guys and gals! I just realized a few days ago that I haven’t been blogging in list form lately so here it is.

1) Leaving school this week was a bittersweet parting, but I’m looking on the bright side: no more school until 10PM in the middle of nowhere! It was pretty discouraging when everyone around you was on their way home while I’d be on my way to school. So, that’s definitely a plus. I officially start at my dad’s work on Monday Tuesday, fuuun.

2) Today, I took my mom to Costco to buy some fruits and whatnot;  a quick trip to the market turned into a model home tour in Walnut. It may seem odd and old-ladyish of me, but one of my fetishes is taking walking through brand new model homes for no reason. Weird, I know.

3) Franco was suppose to have the day off from work due to Armenian Genocide Day, but his boss decided to change his mind at the last minute and open the store so our beach plan was ruined. Thanks. Instead we ended up catching the new movie called Obsessed and we really enjoyed it. Ali Larter played an awesome obsessive psychopath and Beyonce was such a bad-ass.

4) I finally gave in and bought a PediPaws nail trimmer. Expectedly, Pudge tried resisting  with all of his strength the first time I tried, but I didn’t let him go and actually had the chance to  file down 2 nails. Success! He’ll definitely be comfortable with it in a few days.

Good night.

decision made
April 20, 2009

My decision (more like my Dad’s decision) has officially been made. I’m going to sign a withdrawal contract for PVAS and start working at my dad’s place in L.A. For. The. Rest. Of. My. Life. I know what you’re all thinking, QUITTER! I don’t blame any of you for bashing my decision to quit less than halfway into this, but I, personally, made this decision knowing that I (most likely) won’t have any financial difficulties in the future. When I have a family of my own, I want to be able to provide everything my parents have provided me with as a child until now. I want to be mentally, physically, and most importantly financially ready for my future baby and husband. What’s up with all this money talk, right? Money doesn’t buy happiness. Money feeds greed. Quite frankly, I don’t want to have worry about having to grab fast food for dinner every night just to get by. There’s no quality to life when you sit there staring at your bills. So yes, whether you like it or not money is a very important aspect of every single human being’s life. My only concern now is if I’ll ever do a great a job as my dad does at being a business owner. Wish me luck.

BTW, did anyone catch Miss California’s atrocious answer on her “gay marriage” interview question? She gives California a bad name, shame on her. Go Perez Hilton!

my main squeeze
April 16, 2009

I couldn’t resist. By the way, these were taken by my cousin, like always.

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giving thanks
April 16, 2009

Here’s a quickie! Just wanted to thank everyone that’s been following or reading my blog. The # of visits have been increasing significantly for the past week and I was really excited to see that. I’ll probably blog again later tonight. Or not, heh. Thanks again!

April 14, 2009

I had a dream that Pudge was internally sick with cancer and the only chance he’d have to live was to go through chemotherapy. I’ve seen cancer patients and I definitely didn’t want to put Pudge through a series of painful radiation just so he can “live longer.” Regretfully, I made the selfless decision to put him to sleep and then cried my eyes out. A doctor later tells me that they’ve made a mistake with his file and somehow switched it with another patient’s file. Although it was a huge blur, I probably went hysterical in my dream. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep long enough to violently strangle the doctor. So today as I told this horrible dream to Pauline, I actually cried. I’m stoops.

Coincidentally today, we had to put a sweet Rottweiler to sleep because he had caudal disk/nerve damage and his hind legs were almost close to paralyzation. Sigh.

April 12, 2009

Some of  you may think this poll is childish and useless, but that won’t keep me from getting some opinions from my readers 😀


April 11, 2009

Waiter: Are you guys sisters?
Me and P: Yeah (unfortunately).
Waiter: Oh, Are you guys twins?
Me and P: No.
P: She wishes.
Me: *-__-

Today I went to Cue with my sis (who else?) because Franco refuses to set foot in one of those machines. He’d probably end up disappearing into the flash anyway since he’s so darn light. I took a good look at the pictures and suddenly understood why people very often mistake us for twins. There are some days when we look nothing alike and then there are these days…

me lin cue

a decision
April 7, 2009

Twenty- one years old. It’s the age where most people have reached the starting point of their dream career, the age of which most people have their entire life mapped out, or the age where they’ve graduated from college with some sort of degree to their name. As for me? I’m a different case. I’m still wondering whether or not if I should continue pursuing my career as a Vet Technician or if I should drop it all and take over the family business. This dilemma came up only because my dad had a talk with me  last week, and it involved me taking over his jewelry store before he decides to retire. He basically wants me to quit school cold turkey to work “with” him (he didn’t use “for” him this time) to learn the ropes of being the boss. Now, my parents are strong believers in finishing school and earning a degree so they went ahead and threw that in also. I flat out replied with, “I don’t want to go back to college at all. I’ll take a couple of courses for Accounting and Economics, but I just don’t want to go back to college.” Surprisingly, he answered with, “Then come work at the store full time and we’ll go from there.” Wow. Although I can sense my mom squirming, in the backseat, at the thought of me not earning a degree, I was relieved. Some people might strongly disagree at the fact that I’m not “school material” and that there is no such thing, it’s pure laziness. Well, in some ways I agree  and in other ways I disagree with that statement. Yes, I’ll admit I’m too lazy to sit through class listening to teachers lecture about something I’m not even half interested in, but I do understand that sitting through Accounting 101 teaches us much more than what the course is named. I know, I’m fully aware of the fact that graduates earn a ton more (money) in their lifetime than non-grads but that’s besides the point. The point is there’s a group on Facebook that’s named “I chose love over money, I’m a Vet Tech.” That wasn’t really the point, but you get the point. Lol. I guess what I’m trying to say is whatever my decision will be I will choose because I know it’s better for me, for my future family, my future finances, just my entire future as a whole. Sometimes you have to choose the route you didn’t expect, but on the other hand, it was inevitable anyway. Everyday while I lay in bed, driving, or sitting in class I think about how lucky I am to have parents who can give me so much in one lifetime. It would obviously be stupid of me if I didn’t take advantage of it.

Anyway, thanks for reading :]

talking baby
April 6, 2009

I almost died from laughing last night listening to a clip of Riley. He was watching a basketball game on TV and my cousin (his daddy) recorded him “talking.” I can’t think of a better way to make my day 100 times better than listening to him talk.

Click here to hear Riley