Thai Town was fun today. It’s always fun where there’s food involved, not to mention Thai food. My sister and I always look forward to the yearly Songkran Festival on Hollywood Blvd. Although it’s not celebratcimg0693ed the “traditional” way (in which there should be kids play fighting with water guns everywhere) it’s still always fun to just be there. There wasn’t much to buy at the place, I just sat around my cousin’s silver booth mostly eating and talking to family. Me and my sister made our rounds circling the entire festival about 10 times and I ended buying coconut juice two times. It was so good! I also ran into Arnie after not seeing him for a few years, so it was nice catching up with him. Oh yeah, there was also an odd abundance of pervo men this year makingcimg0716 moves at my sister; kind of disgusting. After being there for about five hours we stocked up on mangoes and sticky rice and headed back to the car. Being the thrifty person that he is, my dad didn’t want to pay $10 to park at a decent spot earlier today, so we decided to park a block away at an El Pollo Loco parking lot. Ghetto much? It turns out that the parking lot was “Private Property” so of course they were towing car after car. We were so lucky that we left the festival just in time for our van not to be towed. I hope my dad learned his lesson, hah!


3 Responses

  1. hi vicky!!! haha geez towing sucks… i know dabbie’s sister’s car got towed and cost $600 bucks to get the car out… =/

  2. haha whoops sorry i posted the same comment so many times… it wasnt working so i kept pressing the say it button

  3. geez! $600? i was thinking more along the lines of $300ish. Now I know never to park at random spots at all. lol thanks for the heads up!

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